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Science Department at CAJ
JuShin Kim, Department Head

God, the Creator of all things, has granted us the incredible opportunity to explore His handiwork. In the science department at CAJ, students not only expand their knowledge but also deepen their appreciation for God’s creation, seeking ways to apply their understanding to serve the world around them. We strive to recognize God's presence not only in dramatic supernatural events but also in the
Our goal for our students in the science department is that they will continue to pursue a deeper understanding of the beauty of God revealed in his creation and in his Word.
intricate and complex processes.

The science department in elementary school strives to help build a foundation with fundamental concepts, progressing to more advanced topics and hands-on experiments in middle school. Here, a focus on a phenomenon-based approach and sense-making fosters curiosity and active learning. At the high school level, students explore further with a variety of course options, including biology in grade 9 and then a diverse range of choices from grades 10 to 12, covering environmental science, physics, chemistry, advanced placement courses, computer programming, and robotics.

As students engage in making observations, connections, drawing conclusions, and posing new questions, they enhance their critical thinking skills, striving to become adept decision-makers and problem-solvers. It's inspiring to see students cultivating their desire to use their gifts and talents, fostering a strong sense of community, and actively serving others. In the science department, our goal is for students to continue pursuing a deeper understanding of the beauty of God as revealed in His creation and through His Word. We aspire that, in response to God’s individual calling, each student becomes a good steward of His world and plays an active role as an agent of renewal in their communities.
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