Finance Ends Report 2012-2013

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Seniors discuss class material while using laptops for research. Laptops are part of CAJ's carefully planned one-to-one initiative for high school students. Sound financial practice helps CAJ provide effective learning resources for students.

CAJ strives to use sound financial practice:[edit]

I am glad that CAJ makes wise decisions about the financial resources God provides. —Nate Rudd, technology coordinator
  • We use well-established processes for developing an annual budget (which include input from all staff).
  • We use customizable financial software.
  • An independent accounting firm conducts an annual audit.
  • We acquire and maintain quality instructional resources.
  • We are debt free.

This year's parent survey data indicates that...[edit]

  • The annual fee structure is communicated clearly.
  • Financial statements are accurate.
  • Classroom resources are of high quality.

This school year, CAJ improved its financial practice in a variety of ways, including:[edit]

  • Publishing monthly budget figures online for staff.
  • Increasing staff effectiveness in using financial software.
  • Increasing staff salaries and benefits.

Questions we want to further consider include:[edit]

  • How can we more effectively use data to make decisions about resource allocation?
  • How can we use our resources to further retain staff?

To learn more, explore these key performance indicators[edit]