One to One Parental Assistance Guide

Japanese Version

Christian Academy in Japan recognizes that the use of computers and other information technologies are not only an important part of our society, but also an important part of the learning process. CAJ provides extensive technology resources for student use. CAJ has developed our one-to-one laptop program to give students in grades 10, 11, and 12 dedicated access to computers and other information technology.

CAJ also recognizes that there are parents and families that are concerned about the level of access that students will have with their assigned CAJ laptops. The following items are ways that CAJ can partner with parents and families to help them educate their children. Though CAJ assigns a laptop to a particular student, CAJ retains ownership of that computer. At parents' discretion, any of the following can be selected to be used on the CAJ assigned one-to-one laptops:

On Campus Use Only Option[edit]

CAJ desires that students in our one-to-one program have access to computers to complete their school work both at school and at home. One possibility for families is to have their student keep the CAJ assigned laptop at school and use a family provided computer at home. Three issues to consider are access, software, and compatibility.

  1. Our program is designed with the expectation that students will be able to have access to a computer. This is for all our high school students, not just the one-to-one students. Will sharing the computer at home cause them to not be able to complete their school work?
  2. Does your home computer have appropriate software? Will the student not be able to complete school work because of the lack of software? Most student work is research and writing, which is not software specific, but there are times where specific software may be needed for a class assignment. If you choose to have the computer remain at school, we can work with you and the student on those occasions.
  3. Is the software on the home computer compatible with software at CAJ? Generally, there are ways to work with compatibility issues between Macintosh and Windows systems, but it is an issue to consider.

CAJ will be happy to help you with these and any other issues that may come up if you choose to have your student check his or her computer out and back in each day.


All students and their parents or guardians will be expected to sign and abide by the CAJ Laptop Contract

Administrative Privileges[edit]

Macintosh computers are setup to allow users to have a variety of levels of administrative privilege. CAJ requires a "Christian Academy in Japan" administrative account on our assigned laptops in order to properly administer the laptops and to run our monitoring system. Student accounts can either be classified as "Standard" or "Administrator." The administrator account allows the user control to change any setting on the laptop. The standard account is a limited account and users cannot control or change most settings. If students have administrative privileges they would be able to control and change the settings for parental controls and monitoring and filtering software listed below.

Therefore CAJ will setup grade 10 and 11 students as standard users. As such they will not be able to control or change settings. If they desire to change settings they will need to have an administrator do that for them.

Parents can choose to have the computer for their 12th grade student set up the same way: without administrative privileges. In some cases CAJ may require restricted access for any student's computer used at school.

CAJ will have an administrator account on the laptop. We would encourage parents to also have an administrator account. We will set that up for you and provide training and support as needed. That way you would be able to approve any changes in settings that are required.

Parental Controls[edit]

The Macintosh system has a set of parental controls available. Limits can be set for applications, web sites, people, time usage, and others. CAJ is happy to work with parents to make sure that parental controls are set appropriately.

Monitoring and Filtering Software[edit]

Covenant Eyes ( has been recommended to us as a tool that can be used for internet accountability and filtering. CAJ is happy to assist you in setting up an account with Covenant Eyes. Covenant Eyes uses a monthly subscription plan that would be the responsibility of the parents.

Monitoring in Korean can be done with Momi (

For monitoring in Japanese, Intego software ( has a full-service bundle that will handle anti-virus as well as parental controls.

If there is another monitoring, accountability, or filtering plan that you would like to work with, CAJ is happy to assist you.

Before School Training[edit]

CAJ plans to distribute laptops to students when they arrive at school at the end of August. We will arrange and announce a time that parents and guardians can come in and receive training and help in setting up administrative privileges, parental controls, Covenant Eyes, and anything else. There will be ongoing opportunities for training for parents and guardians.

See Also:[edit]

Continued Support[edit]

We understand that there may be reasons that parents need to have continued assistance and support with all of this. Please contact Dusty Mack at <, Brian Vander Haak at <], or Nate Rudd at < to set up any additional help that may be required. In addition to the above options for parents, CAJ has a number of other policies, procedures and practices in place to encourage appropriate use. Please see our [Technology Guide, Parent] or ask anytime for more information.

Japanese Version[edit]

CAJは、コンピューターの使用や、様々な情報に関するテクノロジーが、ただ、学校組織内で重要であるだけではなく、学習過程においても重要なものであると認識しています。本校は、学生が利用できるように広範囲なテクノロジーを供給しています。また、『1人に1つ小型ラップトップ(ノートパソコン)プログラム』を作成し、10、 11、 12年生の学生達がコンピューターや他の情報テクノロジーへアクセスできるようにしました

CAJから与えられた パソコンによるアクセスのレベルについて、両親や家族の方々が懸念を抱いておられる事を認識しています。次に記されている項目は生徒達の教育を学校と家族の方々が連携して助けて行くための方法です。たとえパソコンが生徒達に与えられても、所有者はあくまでも学校側です。両親の定めるガイドライン、またどのように学校から与えられるパソコンを使用するかということを選択して使用する事となります。



  1. . このプログラムは、学校から与えられたパソコンを使用している生徒達だけでなく、すべての高校生に対して、パソコンへのアクセスがあたえられることを求めるものです。自宅パソコンを家族でシェア(共同使用)している場合、そのことによって、学業を終わらせる事に支障がでないか?
  2. . ご自宅のパソコンは適切なソフトを持っているでしょうか?ソフトが不備であるために学業を終わらせる事ができなくなるということはないか?殆どの勉強内容はリーサーチや、文章を書く事なので、問題はないのですが、時々クラスで与えられる勉強等で特別なソフトを使用する必要があります。もし、家庭のパソコンを自宅で使用する選択の場合、ソフトのことで問題が生じた場合は、その都度ご両親や生徒たちと対処することができます。
  3. . ご自宅のパソコンソフトと学校のパソコンソフトの間の適合性はどうでしょうか?

普通は、マッキントッシュとウインドウズの間の適合に付いて問題が生じたときに対  処の仕方があるのですが、一応、それも選択の際の考慮にいれるべきです。


12年生の生徒達のパソコンに関しても、両親は同じようなセットアップの選択も可能です。(管理者の特権をもたせないということ)また、あるいくつかのことに関しては、どのパソコンであろうと、学校内での生徒の使用においてアクセスを厳しくする必要 もありえます。


All students and their parents or guardians will be expected to sign and abide by the CAJ Laptop Contract





Before School Training[edit]

CAJのパソコンプランを受ける生徒達は、8月の末に学校へ戻ってきた際にラップトップが供給されます。両親や、保護者の方々が学校へ来られてトレーニングを受けたり、管理の特権やパソコンのペアレントコントロールや、カヴァナント•アイズ その他についてのセットアップの助けを受ける事ができる日を設け、お知らせします。 両親や保護者へのためのこのようなトレーニングの機会は続けてもたれることになります。


今後もパソコンの取り扱いにおいて、継続的なサポートの必要があるという理由が生じてくることも、理解しています。追加のサポートの必要がありましたら、Dusty Mack at <, Brian Vander Haak at <], or Nate Rudd at <nrudd@caj.or.jpの方まで、ご連絡ください。上記のような両親への選択肢に加え、さらに本校では適切なパソコン使用を励まして、実行するためにいくつかの他の方針や、手順があります。どうぞ Technology Guide, Parent 両親へのテクノロジーガイドをご覧になり、さらに情報をお求めの方は、いつでもご質問下さい。