School Improvement Plan

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  • Our improvement plan, developed and maintained using our school improvement process, helps us accomplish our mission by helping us achieve our ends.
  • Our improvement plan is composed of several action plans.


Our school improvement plan must:

  1. Target increased student learning and use of best practice.
  2. Address board policy, resulting in increased policy compliance (see Board Policy 2.4 and 3.1).
  3. Take into account the status of our existing improvement plans.
  4. Address our profile analysis and growth areas.
  5. Be balanced, addressing a variety of board ends and accreditation standards.
  6. Be energizing, inspiring, and realistic.
  7. Be composed of a limited number of action plans (4-5).
  8. Be user-friendly.

Types of Plans[edit]

  • Action Plans: something that takes a group of people significant time to complete, for example, curriculum mapping, developing a master resource plan, and changing the school’s status to gakko houjin. Action plans are ultimately approved by the Leadership Team and resources (time, training and tools) are allocated accordingly.
  • To-Dos: things individuals or small groups can do in a short amount of time, for example, adding a SOPHIE entry on X, updating a field trip policy, and painting classroom walls. To-do's are comments and recommendations from individual focus groups which will be considered and responded to by the Leadership Team, but will not automatically become actionable (be acted on).

School Improvement Plans[edit]