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Love in Action – Philippines | December 2013[edit]

I know many of us had the same reaction to the pictures coming out of the Philippines in the days after typhoon Haiyan. We were overwhelmed at the horror of the devastation that looked so much like many parts of our beloved Japan following the tsunami of 2011. I still avoid news reports with lots of devastation pictures because the images affect me in deeply personal ways.
It is reassuring to see the world rallying to aid the people of the Philippines in the same way they did for Japan. But we know from experience that the problems will linger far longer than most aid workers and the swell of donations that are coming in right now will subside. Because we know this, CAJ has designated any new donations to our Love in Action fund to long-term care for the victims of Haiyan. My wife and I will be making the first donation to this fund on the day this is published. Your donations are welcomed at
CAJ students will also be doing fundraisers for Love in Action – Philippines in the coming months. Please watch for details from your children, their teachers and the principals. We will be using these funds to sponsor OperationSAFE camps for the children affected by the disaster. It takes ¥3,800 to sponsor an individual child, and we will be seeking to sponsor as many children as possible. If we can raise just over ¥500,000 we can sponsor an entire camp and that is our goal. CRASH Japan will be working with the Philippine Children’s Ministry Network to run OperationSAFE camps. More information about the camps can be found at CRASH Japan's site:

Your servant in Him,
Brian Vander Haak


CAJでは、これから愛の行動(Love In Action Fund)基金に寄付していただいたものを、ハイヤンによる被災者への長期的な援助のために使うと指定されました。私と妻は、この12月のブログが掲載された日に、始めの寄付をしたいと思います。また、皆様のご厚意を歓迎致します。下記のサイトからも寄付をすることが可能です。 本校の生徒達は『愛の行動—フィリピン』のために、これから数ヶ月にわたり、様々な活動をする予定ですので、詳細等は、各部の校長や、教師、また生徒達からお伝えいたします。お待ちください。この寄付金は、オペレーション•セーフ•キャンプの被災した子供達の為に用いられます。1人の児童を支援するのに3800円が必要ですが、もし、合計50万円を寄附することができれば、キャンプ全体の支援ができるので、それを目標にします。また、CRASH JAPANは、この働きをすすめているフィリピン•チルドレン•ミニストリーネットワークと共に働きます。このキャンプのことについて、さらに詳しく知りたい方は、ホームページ (上記英文参照) をご覧下さい