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Faithful Caretakers

Roel Maraya - Maintenance / HS Environmental Science / Chapel Coordinator

Upon hearing the word “caretaker,” one may immediately conjure up images of someone picking up litter, segregating trash, conserving water, or planting trees. Though these are indeed wonderful and tangible expressions of how people can show their love and care for the earth, being faithful caretakers transcends the confines of simply being environmentally-concerned individuals. It is a God-given identity that behooves us to have active love for ourselves, for others, and for the world around us. As my students put it in a class discussion, a faithful caretaker is someone who puts others above him/herself, appreciates and nurtures what God has given, and, ultimately, believes and has faith in God. 

Unfortunately, things don’t always play out that way. We have a natural propensity to revert to an ownership viewpoint over everything we’re blessed with. Having the mindset of “I earn this, I deserve this. This is mine,” we shut God out, and this is not the basis of being a faithful caretaker.  We end up eliminating God - His power, wisdom and calling - in our living! There is value in recognizing that, though we are given authority over all creation (Genesis 2:15), the truth remains that the earth and everything within it is God’s, not ours. As Psalm 24:1 reminds us, “The earth is the Lord’s, and all its fullness, The world and those who dwell therein.” 

When we understand that everything (including ourselves) belongs to God and that we are appointed to manage His resources, ownership ends and stewardship begins. This is what it means to become faithful caretakers! When we recognize and submit fully into the identity that God has designed us to have, we cause ourselves to be under the fountain of His overflowing power and blessings that can do amazing transformations in our lives, to our neighbors, and to our world as a whole.

We don’t have to be an echo. We have to be a voice! Let’s behold this identity and step up to heaven's vision for our life. We are faithful caretakers!

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