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Principals Share Deep Hopes

There is a new language on campus. A language with words like “deep hope,” “storyline,” “image-reflector,” and “beauty-creator.” A language that hints of transformation. A language that weaves itself through curriculum and gets teachers and students thinking about what it means to be part of God’s story. These words come from the “Teaching for Transformation” (TfT) program that CAJ is beginning to implement this year (more information about this in a later blog post). 

During staff professional workdays in September, teachers continued with their TfT training and shared with each other their “deep hopes,” or what they hope students will take away from their classes this year. Our three divisional principals, Tanya Hall (high school), Winnie Langelaar (middle school) and Jean Hino (elementary school) joined teachers in this exercise as well. 

"My deep hope is that all of you, no matter where you are in your understanding of and relationship with God, will know that you are loved by God, created by God, and have a unique place in His Story, and that you will join Him in His work in restoring His world."
Tanya Hall

"My deep hope is for students to be transformed and discipled as God’s image bearers and continue to be invited into God’s story, being passionate to serve God and others within their community."
Winnie Langelaar

"My deep hope is that students, parents, and teachers feel part of a community that has been invited into God's story; to joyfully, lovingly, and passionately respond by serving God and others."
Jean Hino

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