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Academic Guidance at CAJ

An important part of equipping students to serve Japan and the world for Christ is helping students plan wisely for life after graduation. CAJ’s academic counselors, Tom McGlothlin and Nobuko Mori, work with students throughout high school to assist them in this planning.

As Christians, we believe that God’s calling for all of our students is ultimately the same: to love God and neighbor. Nevertheless, we also believe that God has already equipped each student with strengths and interests, and we seek to help students explore ways they might further develop and use those strengths and interests to love God and neighbor. To this end, students have begun using tools included in our new online guidance platform, MaiaLearning, to discern their strengths and interests and explore future careers that might fit those well.

CAJ students choose many different paths after graduation, and we support all of them as they discern their next steps. Most CAJ students, however, choose to continue their education at the university level. We work with these students and their families to help them find good university options worldwide, and we assist them through the application process from start to finish.


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