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What is SSS?

Debbie May, SSS staff member

School Support Services (SSS) has been meeting the needs of English-speaking homeschoolers in Japan since 1983. As a division of Christian Academy in Japan, we share CAJ’s commitment to equip students to serve Japan and the world for Christ. SSS provides Christ-centered educational support for the children of evangelical missionaries and other families who desire this type of assistance. 

SSS comes alongside families by providing library books and curriculum, educational consultancy, and special events and programs at CAJ. Each family comes with unique needs and challenges. Some need advice on how to transition to their home country or how to help their children succeed in Japanese school. Some have children with special needs that need to be addressed. When we don’t know the answer, we find others who do. Having access to our CAJ leadership, teachers and counselors gives SSS the professional assistance needed to meet the educational and emotional needs of our families.
In addition to assisting families, seven small Christian schools are affiliated with SSS in order to augment what they can offer their students. Our director has visited most of these schools, providing professional development and assisting some in their accreditation process. We have provided books for some of their libraries and opened opportunities for the heads of schools to interact in order to encourage mutual support. Some of our affiliated schools have been operating for many years while others are just getting off the ground, so this cross-school engagement has created invaluable opportunities to learn from each other.

We feel blessed that our work in SSS supports missionaries in Japan as they continue the Kingdom work that God has called them to. Many SSS students have moved on from homeschooling or from their affiliated school to become CAJ students, and we are thankful that we can be a launching pad for all students by preparing them for their next step, whether at CAJ or elsewhere.

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